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Remembering the 6th Of January, 2021

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Last year, on the 6th of January, a violent attack was made towards the Capitol by a massive cluster of Trump supporters. These people stormed the building with extremely brutal fights by means of the tools they brought such as hammers or baseball bats. They started by attacking the police, later breaking the windows and entering the building as massive groups. What really happened on that day? How were these people able to access the inside of the building in such a short amount of time? Let’s remember that day.


On the 5th of January, several bombs were put outside the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters. Luckily, they got discovered, but this meant that the riot and the bombing attempt were both connected. The very first thing that happened on the 6th of January was the appearance of the enormous crowd in front of the Capitol. All of these people were Trump supporters. As can be remembered, Joe Biden had a high probability of becoming the new president of the United States. After the elections on …, he was elected, making the Trump supporters furious with the result. There was a lot of hate directed towards Biden which resulted in the violent riot on 6th of January. It’s main purpose was to keep Trump in his place and not let Biden become the president.

When attackers were entering the building, they had to pass the police first. Despite the fact that there were many police who could have been able to keep the attackers away, the police decided to let them enter after a certain amount of time simply because of all the violence they were causing. There are many videos evidencing that the police were not protecting the Capitol Building. Many of the attackers in the building were maskless, which was highly controversial as this occured during the peak of the pandemic


What really happened here was quite evident. The furious supporters were already inclined to such an action after being prompted to act with Trump’s saying: “If you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore.” Many Trump supporters took this sentence as a “go” sign and started attacking the Capitol. Even though the attempt of not letting Biden become the president was a failure for them, they still managed to show great damage to the Capitol and attacked the police. After this attack, Trump referred to the riots saying that they need to go home in love and peace after telling them to attack the building in the early hours during the gathering with his supporters. He also said that Biden was being elected because they stole the votes.

Generally, this attack was a black stain for the beginning of the 2021. None of our problems can be solved with violence but unfortunately, rioters were not able to see this and acted solely depending on what one person says. It is also said that one fifth of the police force were present, in the advancing hours. Even though everything got under control at some point, the whole world was able to see, with their own eyes, how the Trump supporters can become violent and how some parts of humanity are willing to commit violence for selfish purposes. This is a day that everyone from all parts of the world will never forget.

Written by Nehir Altinkaya


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