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Rising Females in Pop Culture

Females have always had a big impact on social media platforms and in the pop culture & entertainment industry with their amazing talents and their power to rise together. These days, we can see more of these empowerments from young yet talented females. They are rising and making big impacts on their fellow followers and on those who follow their lead. When you look at these beautiful and brilliant women, you will see how women are powerful and capable of doing anything they want; from being the star in one of the best movies in the world, to making your own brand, to supporting other businesses run by women. It is also obvious that they make a huge impact on other women and girls who want to be successful in whichever area they prefer. They enlighten their generation and the next.

In the music industry, there are multiple women who recently raised and showed their talent to the world. Olivia Rodrigo is one of them, and with her new song, she is now known for her beautiful voice. Olivia is a 17 year old Disney actress, and when she released her new song Driver’s License, she suddenly became a hit on TikTok. As a result, everyone is now aware of the song. Most people even started to do some covers, and soon after, her song is now Number 1 on music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. She proved to everyone that she has an amazing voice and she is really talented.

In the Movie Industry, Sarah Hyland started to rise when the new season of the series Modern Family got released. She plays the role of Hayley, the oldest of three siblings Alex, Luke, and Hayley. Not only has she showed that she is incredibly good at acting, she has her show in which she is the host. The show is a collaboration with “Ellen Originals” named Lady Parts and the show focuses on some issues women face. It also focuses on empowering women, and it is a really great show to give more confidence to women at any age. It can be said that she does an amazing job by acting, caring about other people, and helping them. She is really a good influence on everyone.

Another talented woman that should be mentioned is Lily Collins, the star of the Netflix series Emily In Paris. After the series was released, everyone was talking about her, and eventually, the show was known by nearly everyone. Lily showed her perfect acting skills and encouraged her followers to follow their dreams, because from her experience, her dream came true.

Everyone knows about Emma Chamberlain, a 19 year old female YouTuber, social media influencer, and businesswoman. At first, because she liked coffee very much and she always drank coffee in her YouTube videos, she was known for the amount of coffee she was drinking. Soon after, she decided to launch her own coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. It is really hard to launch a business when you are young, but she showed that she is more than that and broke the age barrier. She proved that she is capable of things that most people don’t expect from her and she showed her success. Now, her brand is famous and sells lots of coffee products in environmentally-friendly packages. Emma also recently had a deal with Bad Habit Skincare, and she is now the Global Brand Ambassador and Creative Director of the brand. In one of her videos, Emma stated that the brand was just about to launch and they have sent a product to her so that they could get some opinion from her about the brand. She liked the brand so much that she wanted to work with them, which happened and she got a good position. As much as she shows her passion in the business industry, she also shows her love for being a YouTuber . She has nearly ten million followers on YouTube and has an average of four million views per video. This is nothing but a statement to show her talent. Emma is a great influence on people who want to follow their dream and she is a really nice person.

Another powerful woman is Maddie Ziegler. She is mostly known because of the show Dance Moms, but she recently got more known because of the collaboration between her and Fabletics, a brand that sells sports clothes. Maddie made the brand more than what it is by simply showing people that no matter what your body shape is, you can still wear whatever you want. One of the mottoes of the brand is “Made to fit you, not to fit in,” and it really shows the purpose. Maddie’s collaboration with such a brand makes her able to show that every body is beautiful.

As can be seen, there are multiple talented women that show everyone what they are capable of and their true power. They make their dreams come true and they are extremely successful. They enlighten the roads of many people and they are a good influence on everyone. They are rising females and they are powerful.

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