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The New Delhi SA case and the Structure of our System

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Trigger Warnings: Mention of sexual assault, violence, and suicide

Do you ever realize how even though we have entered a whole new era in the 21st century with loads of innovations and technology , there are still millions of people who are still too inconsiderate that they do not care about the basic human rights and violate them for their own purposes. You would be surprised to see how many people there are who share this very disappointing mindset. Women especially have become the victims of this continuous ongoing cycle of human rights violation, more specifically their right to safety. If you ask me, I cannot name a single woman who does feel safe while walking alone or simply existing in public places. It has come to the point wherein many women do not think that they have safety when alone simply because of the situations they have witnessed and heard happen all over the world. Unfortunately, another one of these occurrences has happened again recently in New Delhi, India.


A woman, all alone, was brutally abused and sexually harassed by her own kind. Think about yourself in that situation, how would you feel. Think about how you would feel scared, lonely and not knowing what to do. You try to escape but are not able to. You wouldn’t like to be in that situation. No one would, and of course she didn’t either. Yet, it did happen to her. She was a young woman who wished for nothing but peace.

Her tragic story began when a 16-year-old boy claimed to have fallen in love with her. The young boy would ask for the woman to be with him despite her already being married and having three kids. Because she didn’t want what the boy asked for, she simply rejected the request several times. However, news came that the boy commited suicide in November last year due to the rejection of the woman, the victim of the assault. The boy’s family resented the woman even if her decision was morally sound and completely her right. They were so frustrated that they wanted to “teach her a lesson” and show her the consequences of her actions. This resulted in the formation of a group who intentionally performed implausible actions on the woman. They sexually harrassed her, tortured her and humiliated her. They even made her parade outside as a walk of shame. Even though those responsible were later on arrested, how can someone ever take back what this woman has experienced? the painful abuse? the major trauma she is now left with? How would you handle this situation if you were her? Would you be able to just forget about everything in a second? I think we all know the answer.

This woman is another victim of the abuse towards women. Remember her, remember these victims and fight for them. Fight for them because the world needs the rise of a new system. A new system where everyone, regardless of their gender, can walk on the road at whatever time without feeling unsafe. We need to change people’s mindsets in order to start this evolution. It is hard to do so, but never impossible if governments and authorities also join us in taking action. The number of abused women increases day by day and we don’t want another woman to experience the same. Would you like to help us stop this violence and help the women in our world be protected? If so, we encourage you to sign the petitions linked down below to support this movement. A small step can make a significant difference. Let’s protect our women!


Written by Nehir Altinkaya

For more information regarding the violence towards women:

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