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Women in Technology Fields

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


Women nowadays have a significant place in the IT/Technology fields as demand for jobs in the technology areas is increasing and more women are supported through their journeys of becoming successful in these fields.. Even though this situation wasn’t always the same, more people are spreading awareness about women empowerment in technology for young females to pursue their dreams and not take a step back to show how all genders should be equally treated. Despite this wave of coming together and fighting against discrimination of specific genders, many people still cause problems for women in technology fields just because of the mindset that women are “not capable” of doing anything in this area. This is an unwanted truth about our generation but we will all fight against this dogmatic idea and support women who want to achieve great things in IT/Technology fields. In order to spread awareness, I interviewed a successful woman, Püren Şenkan who is currently working as Information Technologies Management Consultant and Strategy & Business Development Director at SistematikOtvt Information Technologies company. Here is our interview with her:

N: Hello Mrs. Şenkan. I would like to start by asking you about your current work. Where are you currently working? What do you usually do in your work life?

P: Hello! I retired after an amazing 30 years that went by so fast. After a small break, I am currently working as Information Technologies Management Consultant and Strategy & Business Development Director at SistematikOtvt Information Technologies company.

Within the scope of smart technologies, we make end-to-end projects for corporate companies in the IoT sector.

N: That is wonderful! How did you start this journey?

P: I started my journey in the Koç Community and continued to work in management positions in different companies of the community for many years.

N: That’s an amazing commitment. Have you ever wanted to do anything else?

P:I did not consider doing any other work. But I worked so hard that there were times when I said “I wish I had done this pace for my own company, it would have been better for me”.

N: Now let’s focus on women in this field. I know that you are a hard working successful woman who is working in the technology field. Were there people in your life that didn’t think women would be a good fit for this field?

P:I have never encountered negative behavior or thought toward women in my entire working life. On the contrary, I have observed that women working in the field of technology have increased over the years.

N: It’s really nice to hear that more women are getting more involved in the technology field. However, we know that women sometimes face many difficulties while having the place that they deserve. What are some difficulties you faced during your work life because of the discrimination of women in such fields?

P: Maybe because of the companies I work with being corporate companies, I have not faced any difficulties.

N: Were there people that didn’t support you for your choice because of your gender?

P: Both my wife and my family supported me. However, the situation I encountered frequently in my environment was that because they couldn’t receive the necessary support, women left the company or took a long break when they entered the process of marriage and especially children.

N: That’s upsetting. As you have encountered such occasions, would you like to see more women getting involved in the technology field?

P: As in every field, I would like to see more female employees in the field of technology.

N: What would you suggest to those who are inspired by successful women figures in technology like you and would like to continue their life in the technology area?

P: Technology means the future. Contributing to shaping the future makes people happy. Courage, Empathy, and Customer-Oriented Working are essential in the toolbox.

As can be seen, even though more women are getting involved in the technology field, they still face some problems such as the lack of support or discrimination in a men focused working space. Therefore, we all need to show our support to everyone who wants to pursue their dream and break the barriers of the gender difference, especially women.

You may have encountered very sexist sentences in your life such as “Don’t cry like a woman.” or “Don’t work like a woman.” and many more. These phrases were made in the past by those who didn’t think women would be on the same level as men. Nowadays, women are proving these ideas and its supporters wrong by showing their full commitment and success in their own fields, especially in technology. Would you like to support this movement of equality? If you do, you can simply click to the link that is given down below to find a web page that shows organizations which support women in tech-fields in different ways. Remember that because women are facing this problem doesn’t mean that it is a women problem. We need to solve these difficulties that women face as a whole regardless of any genders so we can provide balance in our world.

Click here for the website that provides information regarding women in technology supporters:

Written by Nehir Altinkaya

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